Latin, “spe­cial”

My new favorite thing is watch­ing Simon wink at peo­ple. It’s all I’m liv­ing for.
Paula is rock­ing some seri­ous trib­ute cleav­age.
Up With People is BACK! Ohhh yes, “Bailamos.” Sanjaya is let­ting the rhythm take him over. Have I done this at Staraoke? I think I might have. It is a joy watch­ing every­one make up Spanish-​y sound­ing lyrics. No it’s not. I am so tired of these chil­dren. So very very tired.
Oh man, file footage of Elliott and his old teeth. Have I told you lately that I miss him?
My grand­mother loves Sanjaya, by the way. We dis­cussed this last night. It’s adorable. AND she thought last night was his WORST night! I love it!
I wish Ryan would ask me how I feel about last night’s per­for­mances. I love how all these man-​in-​the-​street inter­views only rein­force the fact that nobody really knows who the F these peo­ple are.
Akon, why are you here? Why? When I see you, I think only of this. I make the most of the cards fate deals me.
This was truly the most fright­en­ing AI music video ever. Watch it. Sweet Jesus, it’s frig­ging hor­ri­fy­ing. I just … I just … there are no words. I mean, check out the mess that is Hake Blaley:
Hake Blaley
You know that dude, right? We ALL know that dude. I think he works in the mail­room.
I hate Blake so much. I love that Ryan rats him out for using his wrist as a cheat sheet. THIS GUY IS A DOUCHE. WAKE UP PEOPLE.
Just as Phil is “just blessed to be here, man,” the good Lord blesses us with a bot­tom three:
Ai07 PhilAi07 HaleyAi07 Chris
Eh. No sur­prises any­more.
Jennifer Lopez is truly one of the world’s most won­der­ful and tal­ented human beings. That was not sar­cas­tic. She’s so cute I can’t even stand it. She must be tiny if she’s barely as tall as Ryan in those boots.
Sling Blade gets sent back and Nosferatu remains undead. Let’s take a look back at the beau­ti­ful, uncom­fort­able jour­ney of
Ai07 Haley
How messed up is it that I actu­ally feel kinda bad for her? Oh no, she’s doing those spas­tic head-​toss crazy faces again. Forget I said that.
Next week, Blake puts the “count” in country!

2 comments to Latin, “spe­cial”

  • Jesus Fuck, that “Black And Ford” so-​called video is ALL WRONG. For a while there, I thought I actu­ally loved this coun­try. It appears that I have been mis­led.
    Where’s my grey long-​sleeved tee shirt…I know it’s around here somewhere…

  • pieman

    Awww, poor Chris. No Haley on the show any­more. He’ll have to watch LaKisha’s gramma boobs now!