Double the trouble

There’s so much filler tonight, I think I’m going to burn through this on the DVR. I can’t bear to look at Blake’s tuxedo T-​shirt much longer than I really have to, which means “at all.” (Get this, it’s a T-​shirt that looks like he’s wear­ing a tuxedo! With a tie and a cor­sage and every­thing! Have you seen these things? They’re hilar­i­ous!)
I don’t want to relive this awful show, either. Poor Barry, he didn’t deserve this treat­ment.
I don’t care what peo­ple at the Farmers’ Market have to say about the con­tes­tants. Although I love that there was this scary Edgar Winter-​looking woman and Ryan said she had a “Blake look.” Ryan is my hero.
I love how Jordin is twice as tall as all the other con­tes­tants put together. She should wear even taller boots from now on. My dad: “I’m afraid she’s gonna eat some­body!“
UGH SO MUCH FILLER. Let’s find out about how, believe it or not, all our con­tes­tants were once chil­dren. I love that Melinda admits to being “very seri­ous” about her Afro puffs when she was lit­tle, how­ever. That’s a good OCD girl. Hahaha, also that they show a pic­ture of Blake with an acoustic gui­tar singing to a smat­ter­ing of vis­i­bly bored, dis­tracted youths. A tra­di­tion that car­ries on to this day!
I do believe Barry Gibb got every last lady in the house preg­nant with his per­for­mance. His shirt is totally see-​through, OMG, rrowr! Also I do believe he’s singing “To Love Somebody” just for me to make up for yes­ter­day. I love you, Barry Gibb!
Who goes home. WHO. The bot­tom two is no sur­prise:
Ai07 BlakeAi07 Lakisha
It’s a wash, but really any­one can guess who’s get­ting canned:
Ai07 Lakisha
So long, giant boobs.

Now I’ve got at least one more week to rag on Blake. Thanks, Idol!

2 comments to Double the trouble

  • pieman

    I have to admit when the show opened and Blake had that dum­b­ass shirt on, I imme­di­ately thought “I won­der what Kim is think­ing?“
    What the hell was Blake think­ing? What do the pro­duc­ers think about his crap­tas­tic fash­ion “state­ments?“
    So you prob­a­bly don’t have a crush on Blake. I will admit it. Anyone who does must have an IQ of 13.

  • Kim

    I won­der what hor­ri­ble fash­ion well he will go to next week. Parachute pants? He’s worn close to that already, I think. How about a puffy-​armed pirate shirt? A satin jump­suit? Richard Simmons short-​shorts? Is there any­thing left?