That was that was that was yes­ter­day, here comes here comes another day

Haha oops! I kind of felt like crap yes­ter­day and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until this morn­ing. On the couch, trust me, it was uncom­fort­able and I feel GUILTY. (No I don’t.) So I haven’t watched any­thing and I’ll fig­ure some­thing out tonight or something.

3 comments to That was that was that was yes­ter­day, here comes here comes another day

  • pieman

    I am sorry for you that you felt badly, but now I feel badly that I have no com­ments from you on Meth Man singing Freddy Mercury again! Loser. Meth Man, not you. I hope you feel bet­ter soon.
    Brooke singing the Sting Stalker Song!
    Chikezie all bor­ing again!
    Ramiele is sick and can’t sing.
    I want to dis­like David Cook, but he seems to be get­ting bet­ter as the show goes on.
    Kristy sings the Lee Greenwood clas­sic and prob­a­bly still goes home tonight!
    David Archuleta needs a punch in the eye­ball.
    Carly looked like Little Orphan Annie as a kid. I didn’t see that one com­ing. Total Eclipse of the Heart? Yeah, I saw that one com­ing.
    Jason was totally high tonight. Simon said he was a lit­tle too laid back and he said he prob­a­bly could prac­tice a lit­tle more. Dude. Stop smil­ing and hand me the Doritos.
    That’s all I can remember.

  • Kim

    I’VE BEEN SPOILERIZED!!! It looks like either I missed a lot or missed noth­ing at all. I do have the show on DVR so I can enjoy it in all its glory and not have my mind WARPED by cre­ative edit­ing in the recap.
    I don’t know why the one thing I’m look­ing for­ward to is Jason being espe­cially baked. I can hang out in front of the Target on Nicollet Mall and see that action in per­son anytime.

  • pieman

    You might not be spoi­ler­ized. I might have mis­re­mem­bered all that stuff, you know.