No no no no. Maybe tomor­row. Tonight, no.

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  • JK

    You should really blog about Hell’s Kitchen instead.


  • pieman

    I have already stated by desire for the Hell’s Kitchen Recap by Kim. This Idol stuff is get­ting too pre­dictable and bor­ing. I assume we might see a com­bined performance/​results show recap after tonight’s show?
    I think Syesha is going home pit­ting the epic David v. David bat­tle with Archuleta win­ning. I think it was already pre-​destined for him to win any­way. These last few weeks have been win­dow dressing.

  • tammy

    I’ll han­dle the recap!
    Archie: 1st song: bor­ing. 2nd song: Wow! One week before the finale and you finally decide to sing up tempo? 3rd song: snore
    Syesha: You look very pretty. It appears you are the only con­tes­tant left that knows how to dress for an “impor­tant event” such as an audi­ence of mil­lions of tv view­ers. All around, she did OK, but just OK. I wish I could be wowed, since you are also the only con­tes­tant left who could pos­si­bly have a soul. (PS. this does not mean I will buy your alubms)
    Cook: Cougars 4 Cook! Cougars 4 Cook! THIS was the high­light of the night for you. Too bad your such a douche. I have lost all respect amongst my peers for jump­ing Castro’s ship to back you. Only because my stat­egy now is to be the anti-​Archuleta.
    David v. David: Douchey has got to pull some­thing out next week to beat the kid, because that orig­i­nal song… what­ever wing, fly­ing, des­tiny, fly­ing crap it may be has got his name writ­ten all over it. Remember how it screwed Blake over last year?
    Next week: WELL SEE CHIKEZIE AGAIN!!!!