Watching ‘The Pianist’

The Pianist was on IFC the other night, remind­ing me that it is impos­si­ble for me to sep­a­rate it from the fol­low­ing. This is a com­pli­ment, for it is sub­lime and brings me great joy.

I don’t think it’s pos­si­ble for me to ever get tired of watch­ing this.

1 comment to Watching ‘The Pianist’

  • ahh­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­hhh!!!! that does bring me so much JOY! [om{f}g]!!!!! and YOU mis­tress of the traxxx give me the most joy of all!! =) … and …“I miss you — like the deserts miss the rain”… xo xo :el fano: