Two snails com­pet­ing with a racehorse

Simon is rock­ing one seri­ous flat­top tonight. Ryan is once again embrac­ing the G-​man look I so love and admire. We are LOCKED IN on some live Idol! Randy, open us up tonight. Kara, what is artistry? Let’s meet the artists who are bat­tling for our infection—I mean, affec­tion. Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna look fright­en­ing as they approve. What is this? THIS is American Idol!

The theme this week: pop­u­lar down­loads. Let’s learn about dig­i­tal air­play! Not dig­i­tal fore­play. That’s gross.

ai09_anoopdAnoop is bring­ing us some­thing HI-​NRG. Usher? Um, OK then. HOT ENTRANCE MOVES. I’m dis­turbed by the accou­trements on his jacket. ATTITUDE. He’s got it, ooh. Does he have glit­ter in his eye­brows? Randy is like so check it out baby what’s going down what’s inter­est­ing baby man, you picked up your swag­ger, right? Paula some­how believes he needs to work on his stage pres­ence. Oh man, the nerve. Simon has a headache. Anoop is the new King of R&B. This show dis­torts my approach to reality.

ai09_megancShe says the judges “punched [her] in the mouth” last week. I wish! She’s going to turn the lights down low. Nice … uh, braid. As Tears for Fears once sang, she is a woman in chains. Is she get­ting worse each week? Is that even pos­si­ble? Chris com­pares her voice to a Muppet’s, thereby insult­ing the entire Jim Henson king­dom. Kara: “irri­tat­ing.” Paula fan­tasy books her ideal per­for­mance. It involves a stool and rip­ping hearts out. Simon is nasty enough to encour­age unde­served vot­ing. Randy: “watch­ing paint dry.” Divorced Mom believes the audi­ence and her “fans” were “feel­ing it.” Good luck with that. Maybe she should now be known as Delusional Mom.

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ai09_dannygDWM is bring­ing us Rascallll Flatttttts. What hurts the most? Probably not hav­ing a dead wife, ’cause that’s what brought him to the big dance. Someone needs to tie his hands down, as his ges­tic­u­la­tions bother me. Come back to him (from beyond the grave)! This isn’t a cow tragedy, but I still want to punch this dude in the balls. Randy is like dude brought it crazy with the vocals, all that emo­tion com­ing out of you, keep it mov­ing, take the mic off the stand, dude, rock it. Kara believes he moved every­one emo­tion­ally. In their bow­els, maybe.

ai09_allisoniAww, she’s so cute in her lit­tle hair and lit­tle dress and big gui­tar and big­ger shoes. Don’t speak! There is much EG Daily going on here. David Spade sight­ing! Randy is like what are you wear­ing, baby I got mad love for you but I don’t get the ensem­ble with you tonight. Kara: “The rock in you comes out of you.” OK then. Paula refers to Allison’s “axe.” I think her lids are weighed down by all that glit­ter. I mean, she couldn’t pos­si­bly be “relaxed” or anything.

Coming up: Airport ’77 does Billy Joel! We’re less than halfway through! Oh God!!!

ai09_scottmHe’s going to strip it down and show his heart. He’s had a Shaun Cassidy makeover. He loves you just the way you are. Just … no. Enough already. ENOUGH. Are we in a time warp? Is this the John Davidson Show? Dinah Shore? Yes? No? Where am I? How did I get here? What am I wear­ing? Kara is patron­iz­ing and loves that he’s being right there in his area. Paula talks about chal­lenges and thrills and legato. Randy gal­lantly steps into the Paula-​Simon fra­cas to move things along to the damn break. Randy Jackson, you are the real hero. I won­der if all this praise is to lull view­ers into not vot­ing? Ooh, sin­is­ter. I hope it works.

So I guess “pop­u­lar down­loads” are “any­thing in the frig­ging cat­a­log.” What would I choose? Well, they bet­ter have some Matt Berry in there.

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ai09_mattgMatt is still here! He is singing the Fray because he is adorable. I like that Members Only look. Is that stag­ing legal? It’s very American Bandstand. Paula talks about abor­tion and riff­ing and I know who you are. Simon uses “put on” and “uptight” and “uncom­fort­able.” Randy says you gotta let all that fla­vor out baby. Oh these judges are old farts who don’t under­stand what the young kids are all about.

ai09_lilrWho is that? Lil’ Rounz has been replaced by a com­pletely dif­fer­ent per­son. Oh that dress is nuh-​ot flat­ter­ing. That’s right, two syl­la­bles. She’d sur­ren­der every­thing, she knows you can feel it too, thank you, thank you, Celine Dion every­body, Miss Celine Dion. This is really tor­tu­ous. Randy some­how thinks she sang it well (what?) but young it up a bit, what? For some bizarre rea­son, Paula makes more sense than either Randy and Kara. Simon is the voice of san­ity: “You gotta stop this!” Ryan knows how to work the chil­dren for charity.

ai09_adamlLet’s wel­come Lea DeLaria to the stage, ladies and gen­tle­men! Oh wait. A lit­tle Wild Cherry for us all. Oh God. I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t. Wow. Just … please no. What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this? He busts some Petite Feet moves out just for Tammy. Is Paula read­ing her com­ments off a cue card? “True genius”? Really? Randy says he’s in the star zone, but I heard Star Jones. Lady Lambert kisses Rickey Minor’s ass. Kara com­pares this to “Studio 57.” More like Heinz 57, am I right peo­ple? Just … Lord Baby Jesus, no.

ai09_krisaThey got one more for ya tonight, and it’s “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and he hopes it’s some­thing no one’s seen before (what?) and he’s going to make one of those moments. Mandisa approves! Someone’s been hit­ting the turbo tan­ner. What the hell kind of key is this? Wait … uh. OK. OK. OK OK. OK now, OK. Dude. What is he singing. What. WHAT. WTF. What. Check it:

Wonder if some-​of-​where she’s God
Wonder lift she’s go, say
Little sun­shine when she’s go
And this south she say no on
Anytime she go no way.

Seriously. I rewound that like five times to be sure. Randy says he been slayin’ ’em in the zone. Kara has three words: “That is artistry woo.” I just … ugh, all I can think of is Season 7 Amanda’s approach to enun­ci­a­tion. YOU SHEEP. YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED. SUCKERS! SUCKERS! Oh, and I don’t put out.

Wow. That sure blew, didn’t it?

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  • I am seri­ously offended by this show and its lame “Songs That Exist” theme. I must be going soft because I didn’t even hate Kris, but was obvi­ously pay­ing more atten­tion to the cat than to his lyrics.

    Thank you for Lea DeLaria. That is it exactly. Could any­one ever explain to me the appeal of one Lady Lambert? Anyone? Ever? Never?