Idol can blow me

I was inad­ver­tently spoi­ler­ized before I even had a chance to watch the per­for­mance show and I’m like, please. This F-​ing show. Is there even a point for me to watch any­thing from this week? Will it just fill me with anger and rage, and would I be bet­ter off pick­ing up next week when I can refuse to align myself with the lesser of three evils, see­ing as how they are all equally, um, unlesser? (DWM moreso than Wee T and Queen L, but still.)

Should I even bother? Tell me, I need to know!

In the mean­time, I leave you with this inspi­ra­tional quote from tonight’s Rockets-​Lakers game:

What’s the mat­ter with you? Don’t you know you’re hit­ting Ron Artest?
— Ron Artest

He is my American Idol, truly.

5 comments to Idol can blow me

  • pieman

    I will cry if you don’t watch Wee T and Danny doing a duet of Styx’s “Renegade” on Tuesday’s show. And then Danny singing Aerosmith. Just wow bad. Look, my eyes are welling up already think­ing you’re not going to write some­thing sar­cas­tic about Danny Boy.

    Go Wee T!

  • jane

    Please bother! For I am self­ish and awful and want to read more. Also, Pieman makes a very valid point — there were new heights of ter­ri­ble that you don’t want to miss. Plus, if you don’t watch, you may never know if Queen L sings “every inch of my love,” or allows him­self to be censored.

  • Tammy


    I sat through 2 nights of Idol, and I don’t even get a blog to read this week? Do you real­ize what a high point you are for us?

    I’m gonna cry now.

  • While I’ve always liked DWM and thought from the begin­ning he was the best, “Dream On” ate dead yak ass and made me mute the TV, sort of like I do when the thing that sits next to Randy Jackson opens it’s mouth. I no longer care if he wins, and miss Anoop. As spf noted on the-​w, Queen L really is scary in HD and gives me night­mares. I think I’ll have to DVR the non-​HD chan­nel. He should just put on his Old Deuteronomy con­s­tume for the next tour of Cats right now. Maybe no one should sing next week, and just enter­tain us with an IQ chal­lenge between Wee-​T and DDG (Dumb Dreadlocks Guy) from last season.

  • Pieman

    You’re really not going to watch, are you? :(