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What I learned this summer

First thing’s first: I really need to get over hav­ing a pre­cisely and cus­tomly self-​designed WordPress iden­tity and just put up some­thing that will just put things up, so it will be eas­ier for me to put up with putting things up. It’s a deal! Although I’ll have to change this text face even­tu­ally. Too drab. (Note: This has been rec­ti­fied until I get rest­less and change my theme another seven times.)

Second: Jim Sturgess is a dreamy dreamboat.


Are you kid­ding? Oh my. I would tell you how many times I’ve watched 21, Across the Universe, and The Other Boleyn Girl over the last few months, but you’d likely call the author­i­ties. If you noticed that at least one of them was on at least once a night, that alone should pro­vide an inkling.

Third: Things are CHANGING. I can’t explain exactly how or why or when, but as of today I’m acti­vat­ing my FIVE YEAR PLAN. Look out! And try not to get too excited.

Fourthly: I saw one of the most ghastly awful movies ever made the other night and I can’t wait to hash it over for you. Seriously—can’t wait. It was that won­der­ful of a hor­ri­ble experience.

And finally …

I love you all and am com­mit­ted (com­mit­ted!) to bring­ing this sucker up to speed. These fif­teen words I swear to you!

6 comments to What I learned this summer

  • jane

    You are my all and all!

  • jane

    PS I quite like this not-​precisely-​and-​customly-​self-​designed look, even. So there.

  • Well, this PC doesn’t have Futura as I feared. Maybe a good alter­nate would be…Corbel? Candara? (El Fano?)

  • ohhh I LOVE the FUTURA!!! how very “Royal Tenenbaums” of you! ] {+} OMG! “Mr. Trax” some­one sent me yes­ter­day a list of fonts that were web-​safe [+] i cried :[ it was my like get­ting my “2-​DONT” [use] list of fonts!! hmmm for the PC — Corbel is nice, [and prob­a­bly a bit more “visu­ally” pleas­ing to the eye.. Calibri is nice as well, but feel so [ger­man] to me! HA! and lets stay away from CONSTANTIA and CAMBRIA! =] awh­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­hhh “Mrs. Trax” i love you and love the love of love of this blogue!! [miss u] xo xo :el fano:

  • Kim

    I like this Corbel of which you speak. Yay!

  • Pieman

    Nice to see you back in busi­ness, Kim. I anx­iously await your opin­ion piece on the lack of Paula and addi­tion of celebrity judges on Idol.