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A Star in Nobody’s Picture,” Ben & Jason

So yeah, here it begins … or does it? I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with this Blogger busi­ness so I might just dump it and start over with Movable Type or some­thing. They just seem to be so much more ele­gant some­how. Although, much more com­pli­cated. But maybe I’d have more luck with them con­sid­er­ing that I’ve just spent the last two hours try­ing to sort out com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lems between the post­ing tool and the tem­plate. The post­ing tool demands a title, but title tags are, like, ille­gal in Blogger? What the?! I also just noticed that the post­ing tool won’t even retrieve past entries for edit­ing so I’d have to use the Webform any­way. What’s the point??? I thought the whole thing about these things was that they were sup­posed to be easy. Maybe it’s the Irish cof­fees I’ve been drink­ing through­out the process. Anyway, we’ll know if I’m gonna stick with Blogger within the week, right, so I’m not going to spend time build­ing up the links list just yet. By the way, this blogue threat­ens to be even more mind­numb­ing and use­less than the Diaryso look out eh. Also I real­ize that “blogue” is pretty retarded but good Lord, “blog” is just too ugly. If not fugly. Also, note the apro­pos sound­track selec­tion. I swear I didn’t pick it on purpose.

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