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Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” Georgie Fame

So I had a bit of a Dark Weekend of the Soul when I tried putting an appar­ently cor­rupt font file into my Font Reserve (yeah I paid $90 for it, shut up) on like Tuesday or Wednesday and it decided to basi­cally die, right. So I tried get­ting rid of that and try­ing Suitcase and let me tell you some­thing, Suitcase sucks bad. “Hi, I will die if you try to put more than 20 fonts into me at one time, that will be $100.” Uh what. Then all my appli­ca­tions started dying. Then yes­ter­day I mag­i­cally man­aged to finally com­pletely unin­stall and rein­stall Font Reserve and plonk all 6,500 fonts into it AT ONCE, then find a help­ful Apple Support mes­sage sug­gest­ing that yes, I do indeed need to have both Helvetica and Helvetica Neue on at all times. BING, happy days. And to think I came this­close to doing a sys­tem rein­stall. If Extensis keeps favor­ing sucko Suitcase over Font Reserve I think I will riot in the streets. I’d also like to thank them for the help­ful tech ser­vice mes­sage they sent me today: Greetings… At present we do not sup­port Font Reserve under Panther (OS 10.3). The ellip­sis was my favorite part.

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