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Word Is Out,” Kylie Minogue

OK, I have to admit that that song is play­ing only in my head. But it was on in the car! Woo! Anyway, what did we do today? We went to our local TREE-​LIGHTING CEREMONY and saw SANTA. We waved to Santa and he said “Merry Christmas!” and we were all like “Merry Christmas!” and it ruled. Plus with a $1 dona­tion to our local food bank we got HOT CHOCOLATE and a COOKIE. This was an out­stand­ing way to usher in the hol­i­day sea­son. THEN, we went out for SUSHI and my hus­band pro­ceeded to eat not just one but TWO pieces of JELLYFISH sushi which was a lit­tle out of con­trol and at one point almost made me throw up just watch­ing him, but he han­dled it like a champ and only gagged once whereas I gagged like 30 times just sit­ting there. I was so proud! After all the gag­ging of course. Then there was lots of BEER and we drank the beer and now we’re home and it’s time to watch MOVIES. I think we’re in the right frame of mind to watch, say, Birth of a Nation. What do you think? Check it out, I’m enabling COMMENTS on this one.

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  • Oh man. I hate sushi. But I love cocoa and cook­ies and Santa and you and hus­band. I also love com­ments, even that I am so bad at them, as you now see. Also, I read the URL: field as ZIP: and I was like “Whoa.” Yeah.