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Come Together,” Primal Scream

For some­one who never hes­i­tates to buy note­books at every spare moment, I sure do have trou­ble when it comes to actu­ally writ­ing in them. That’s a whole nutty dis­or­der that I’d prob­a­bly be bet­ter off detail­ing some­day at DiaryLand. But any­way, I was sit­ting here at my desk ready to scrib­ble my Top 10 Albums of 2003 out on the back of an old nap­kin (no lie) when I real­ized that I have five — five!!! — note­books sit­ting neatly at an arm’s reach.
In case you haven’t caught on yet, I’m totally retarded.
Anyway, I grabbed one at ran­dom and it turned out to be my orig­i­nal Ruby Trax note­book, the one in which I would sketch out all my hor­ri­bly ill-​fated Grand Plans for this site, and it pro­ceeded to give me gigan­tic hilar­i­ous hilar­ity in addi­tion to par­a­lyz­ing ter­ror at con­tin­ued proof of my own pro­cras­ti­na­tion and inac­tiv­ity. Kim heap big talker, you know. I’ll have to put these pages up at some point (there aren’t many, nat­u­rally) but here’s a list I have to share Right This Second:

Hahaha Agnes B., I’m so shal­low. I think #1 was out of busi­ness like a year before I left the city. And check out #10! Hoo irony eh.

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