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Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Re-​edit),” the Pointer Sisters

You know some­thing about Christmas? It was pretty awe­some. I might just bother going into that more later. Anyway, I finally got to read­ing Mary McCarthy’s The Group which I found at the local library book sale for like five cents and let me tell you some­thing, this is one frig­ging awe­some book and where has it been all my life? I’m only about on page 160 because of the adult ADD and all but man is this a sweet piece of his­tor­i­cal lit­er­a­ture that should be required read­ing for every­one who can read. Show me any­thing about naïve coeds try­ing to make it in the Real World set between 1930 and 1970 and I’m sold. Sold!!! It reminded me to dig up this list (even though Salon sucks) because there is one book on there that sounds entire uni­verses beyond awe­some (#1) and given the oth­ers in the list I have to believe it will rule and I must find it. Must!!! I might just have to read White Oleander now out of appre­ci­a­tion. You know, someday.

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