so ...

Screw it, I’m just gonna go back to using song lyrics and stuff as titles because using the titles of what­ever I’m watch­ing or lis­ten­ing to looks like crap and I’m like, ‘What?’ Yeah.

Ooh look a makeover. I’m feel­ing rest­less again! I think the pur­ple text for links and stuff is a bit too … neon for my tastes really but I had to do some­thing that matched my new spek­taku­lon title grafik up there since it made the old pur­ple look all grimy. Maybe I’ll get used to it, maybe I WON’T. Also maybe now I’ll turn my atten­tion to adding more post­cards and things to the main site over yon­der if I’m feel­ing so itchy to be cre­ative.
This was also, I might add, spurred on by my dis­cov­ery that Extensis released an update to Suitcase X1 that was sup­posed to address com­pat­i­bil­ity issues with Panther and guess what? It … still BLOWS. I’m like, hey, can I install more than 50 fonts into this thing at one time with­out it crash­ing? Woo woo no! I can’t. What a charm­ing fea­ture, I love it. So I went back to the old reli­able sturdy hug­gable Font Reserve yet again and I am still cer­tain that Extensis is never going to update it ever. I bet they would even do anti-​updates that would devolve its func­tion­al­ity back in time if they could, like it would sud­denly work with OS 7 only or some­thing. Font Reserve 3.1.3, now System 8.5 com­pat­i­ble! Hahaha. Oh man Extensis, way to start 2004 on my butt list.

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