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Is it all over my face?

So I was mind­ing my own busi­ness search­ing around on Yahoo! news to get the lat­est on a cer­tain B.S. who has clearly lost her mind (well, I guess that means I was mind­ing some­one else’s busi­ness) and this hor­ri­bly inap­pro­pri­ate ban­ner just LEAPS off the page at me.

What what now?
This of course reminded me that I was at one time col­lect­ing print ads in which whitish sub­stances are smeared hap­haz­ardly across peo­ples’ faces, usu­ally children’s faces hon­estly, because over the last cou­ple of years there have been just waaay too many ads with that going on, and I was plan­ning on putting them up online and what­not but of course, the lazi­ness set in. Also, it’s totally vile. I mean, all those ranch dress­ing ads alone, come on peo­ple, how stu­pid do we look to you? Pretty stu­pid I guess, because there’s that one with the lit­tle Asian kid in the cow­boy hat and not only does he have ranch dress­ing smeared all over his face, but he is also hold­ing a CARROT. Yes.
At least this one is a bit more “adult” which is almost refresh­ing in the canon of Ads Featuring Models Smeared With Ejaculate Substitutes. It reminded me of this one, which I’d of course been sav­ing lo these many years.

The model’s eye­line is the key here, I think. What’s it an ad for? Al Italia Airlines. Of course! Ooh, fly me.

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