Mind my have still I

First Guadalcanal Diary (ugh ugh ugh), Code Blue (uh what), now <A HREF=“″ TARGET=_blank”>this. OK now, we need to have a talk. It has become clear that some­one at Rhino Handmade is stuck in a really crappy sec­tor of the ‘80s. Make that sub­sec­tor. Hey guess what, I have this album. It cost me an entire dime. I have never ever lis­tened to it. I’m sure it’s a per­fectly tol­er­a­ble album (not that I could even muster the energy to put it on the turntable once), but I cer­tainly don’t think I could sell this orig­i­nal copy for $19.95, bonus tracks or no, you know? $19.95, that’s prac­ti­cally 20 whole dol­lars. So I must ask you, Rhino Handmade, where your qual­ity con­trol has gone. Next thing you know, you’ll be offer­ing, like, The Compleat What Is This? Anthology for $49.99 or some­thing when there are so many other artists wor­thy of reis­sue and being reis­sued first, right. And I like What Is This? even. So even though I really really want that Neon Philharmonic col­lec­tion (ooh check it out), I’m sorry, I can’t give you any money if you’re just going to sink it into Salem 66: All Their Best.

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