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Your face could never tell a lie

Wow, today’s Sun sure had some great pic­tures of celebri­ties look­ing ugly and dis­gust­ing. They rarely dis­ap­point. Eew girl, eew:
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If you saw A Life Less Ordinary in the the­ater, you may recall she looked like that through­out the entire movie. If you sat as close to the screen as I did, any­way. I guess J.T. really likes those girls who look ghastly with­out makeup. Now, let’s check out a func­tional retard!
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It’s ironic that the same peo­ple who wor­ship Ryan Adams are often the same peo­ple who find Christina Aguilera repul­sive. Why any­one would want to “do” this obnox­ious pig is beyond me. I’m sure you could catch some­thing vile just stand­ing next to him. Remember when he was mildly tal­ented? Wow those were the days.

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