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Money in the bank to keep us warm

I was going to add the lat­est install­ment of my strug­gles with Panther font man­age­ment but I didn’t even add my last one which was that we got us a hot hot double-​pack of my beloved Alsoft Disk Warrior and the mys­te­ri­ous unknown Alsoft Master Juggler at Macworld last month.
(I didn’t men­tion we went to Macworld either? I’m sorry, I’ve been dis­tracted. I got to play with an iPod Mini. It’s adorable and all but dame, 4 GB? That’s like for peo­ple who don’t even like music. I gots over 21 GB of stuff on my 40 GB (his name is Elliott and he is cute) with­out even hardly try­ing. My lat­est adds are Stereolab’s Margerine Eclipse, Air’s Talkie Walkie and the Franz Ferdinand album. Ooh, Franz Ferdinand, I’ll have to talk about them more later. What was that I said about being distracted?)
So Master Juggler, that’s font man­age­ment, though you’d never tell by the name of it. It’s a pretty hot setup. It works in the back­ground and doesn’t have to be up and active and loaded sim­ply to get the sys­tem to coop­er­ate with the sys­tem fonts (hey Suitcase ‘sup). I can throw a lot of crap in it and it doesn’t die? And I can check out sam­ples like in two sec­onds? What what is it for real? It doesn’t make tons of copies of my font files all over the place (I’m telling you, FONT RESERVE, I’m sure I’ve got at least 2 GB of unnec­es­sary space taken up on my HD from dupli­cate font files). The only prob­lem is that it’s really super­sen­si­tive to cor­rupt fonts which is, nat­u­rally, the point and all, except adding one won’t nec­es­sar­ily kill it? Yet it will F busi­ness up big time if you do some­thing stu­pid like, say, acci­den­tally click “tem­porar­ily acti­vate” when your entire library option is high­lighted in the menu. I couldn’t get THAT mess sorted out until about 4 a.m. But hey, the inter­face is deli­cious (suck it Font Reserve).
Oh! So any­way, the point is that Font Reserve, which I’d actu­ally bought and paid for a few years ago and dearly beloved until it went hay­wire with Panther, finally put out a Panther-​compatible update, which I’ve been whin­ing about since November. I should say “pur­port­edly com­pat­i­ble” because I gave the upgraded Suitcase a trial shot and that don’t work for crap either. I down­loaded it for the sake of hav­ing it but I don’t think I’ll be using it. What do you mean this isn’t inter­est­ing? Hmm you’re prob­a­bly right. Anyway, that was my fol­lowup. And Alsoft makes good things for Mac users. Yay!
Another thing I never fol­lowed up on was my plain­tive plea on December 14 for a Saint Etienne Christmas 2003 EP. Not only does Christopher man­age to fina­gle me a real live copy in beau­ti­ful pris­tine unplayed con­di­tion, but he got it here, from the U.K., in time to give it to me on Christmas Day. Breathtaking genius. I don’t know how he does it, but how awe­some is it that he does.
It looks like this
and it’s great.

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