I felt like a pick­led priest who was being flambéed

So the flu has finally done gone and caught up with me. Or at least it caught up with me while we were out shop­ping yes­ter­day. You don’t want to fall vic­tim to the onslaught of a virus in the mid­dle of din­ner at Fuddrucker’s. Fuddrucker’s! I hadn’t eaten at one of those since I was like 16, when our party placed its order under the name “Mike Hunt.” I’d totally for­got­ten how the place worked.
Yesterday the Mr. got me the Deluxe Edition of Who’s Next which means the time has come for me to finally put my Who col­lec­tion into iTunes and con­se­quently onto the iPod. I’m doing every­thing except Live at Leeds for rea­sons that aren’t quite clear to me at the moment. I guess I just don’t want to add a live album? Or maybe I’m wait­ing until I have the Deluxe Edition before I add it? Hmm. But Face Dances and It’s Hard, here we come! Was there ever an extended ver­sion of “Eminence Front”? If there wasn’t, I sure wish there was. Maybe one will show up on a Deluxe Edition of It’s Hard some­day, ’cause it’s sure not on my expanded one. And if Universal is actu­ally putting out crappy Gin Blossoms albums in Deluxe Edition form, I can’t imag­ine why It’s Hard wouldn’t rate, right? Even if there’s not enough stuff to pad it out to two discs. Maybe the sec­ond disc could be a 74-​minute ver­sion of “Eminence Front.” I’d pay good money for that. Well, real money any­way.
I went to the Universal Chronicles site (as touted on the pack­ag­ing — we also picked up the Deluxe Editions of Diana and Bad Girls, I’m very excited!) to see if they had any other Who repack­ag­ing planned and the big thing they’re tout­ing on the band’s artist page is the immi­nent release of the My Generation one, which came out in August 2002! Who’s get­ting paid to main­tain this crap? I sure do hate the Web some­times. OK, a lot.

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