There was a fight­ing heart under the ribs of defeat

I have promised both myself and my hus­band that I will not get involved in this sea­son of “American Idol.” I will main­tain an emo­tional dis­tance. It is not easy to do, I’ll tell you what. I’ve got weak­nesses when it comes to this show. It’s almost as if Lent has come early. But eew, what about this Katie Bad Nose Job, eh? She creeps me out. And she goes to SJSU too (though appar­ently she’s not there for its fine MLS pro­gram). Also, Fantasia is a fab­u­lous, fab­u­lous name.
I’m so excited for The Perfect Husband (this Friday at 8 on USA). Is that hor­ri­ble? It’s prob­a­bly hor­ri­ble. But ever since I saw the pic­tures of Dean Cain in the Enquirer I was so excited for this stu­pid thing. Oh man, remem­ber how last month the tiers got switched around on our cable sys­tem and I had to go with­out the Lifetime Movie Network for a day? That was not a cute fun time. You know I have to watch Helter Skelter every time it airs. It really is a com­pelling pre­sen­ta­tion of women and their prob­lems.
David Herman has just joined the cast of “24” so I had a bit of a freak­out tonight. I guess with “Futurama” off the air he has to do some­thing. Lothaire Bluteau is on now too! At least I’m pretty sure it’s him, I didn’t notice his name in the cred­its. But yeah, there can’t pos­si­bly be too many Lothaire Bluteau looka­likes run­ning around on TV. It was like a ban­ner episode.
I still feel like crap, by the way. Just thought I’d add that for the record.

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