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We’re afraid you’re gonna hurt some­body, we’re afraid you’re gonna hurt yourself

Oh! So what a lovely week­end it has been, despite the title of this entry. Valentine’s Day, first-​rate, and today we go to see the WWE No Way Out PPV at the Legendary Cow Palace in beau­ti­ful San Francisco, California. Of course what we find out is that appar­ently there is a rea­son why the WWE does not have events there with any reg­u­lar­ity. We get there like right before the Heat tap­ing is sup­posed to start and we end up get­ting to our seats like two matches in after the start of the PPV. There is only one entrance open? And appar­ently they didn’t start let­ting peo­ple in until right before Heat started or some­thing? I don’t know, man, that stuff was woo, woo messed up.
Anyway, you know what hap­pens when there are a lot of peo­ple try­ing make their way to an event at the same time, right? Oh no, no. Oh, oh yes! It was Ludacris/​Outkast at MSG all over again. So some­day, when I am in a pos­i­tive and healthy enough place to revisit the ordeal, I will recount for you how I barely man­aged to avoid mur­der­ing sev­eral chil­dren, the appointed guardian of most of those chil­dren, a pas­sel of rar­i­fied bonafide yup­pie douches and a hand­ful of secu­rity staff, all because line eti­quette just SEEMS to escape MOST peo­ple MOST of the time. Oh God. OH GOD.
Well! Other than that, once we got in and into our seats every­thing was hunky dory, other than this gigan­ti­cally fat, smelly man that poor Christopher was stuck next to. Oh! The bul­lets he takes for me. As the Mr. wisely pointed out, fat guys should not wedge them­selves into in box seats. AND, as the Mr. wisely pointed out, fat guys should not be sit­ting in the seat next to the other adults in the row rather than in one of the seats sit­u­ated between his small chil­dren. Are other peo­ple retarded? Not just fat peo­ple, or chil­dren, or yup­pie douches, but all other peo­ple? I think it’s safe to say that the answer is in the affir­ma­tive. Other peo­ple!!! Who needs them??? OH! WE decided? MY best inter­ests?! So how can you say I’m crazy?! And so on.
But really, it was a fun time!!! Except for the smelly fat guy. I think he was grow­ing new life­forms in his crevasses.
AND NOW! Here’s a fun thing. I took like 70 pic­tures with my dig­i­tal cam­era, most of them with the flash securely off so you will see your favorite Superstars™ look­ing like they do not look in nat­ural nature. There are other ones that aren’t so wicked artis­tic and all, but I thought it would be fun to see if any­one was will­ing to try to GUESS WHO THEY ARE! And you may click to enlarge them and make them Big All Over ™.
A. nwo_a
B. nwo_b
C. nwo_c
D. nwo_d
E. nwo_e
F. nwo_f
G. nwo_g
H. nwo_h
I. nwo_i
J. nwo_j
K. nwo_k
L. nwo_l

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  • Kim

    Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies

  • A) Hardcore Holly
    B) Kurt Angle
    C) Brock Lesnar
    D) Michael Cole & Tazz
    E) The Holy Spirit
    F) George “The Animal” Steele
    G) Eddie Guerrero
    H) No
    I) Vampiro
    J) The Undertaker with Paul Heyman on a motor­cy­cle
    K) Big Show
    L) an unshaven hippie

  • Kim

    It is remark­able that you would say the Holy Spirit, since I called upon the Holy Spirit many, many times this evening, as in, I needed to have room for the Holy Spirit between myself and the other peo­ple in line around me, specif­i­cally the psy­chotic mother/​child tan­dem behind us for whom stand­ing too close seemed some­how to be NOT CLOSE ENOUGH for their sick, sick designs.

  • thecubsfan

    this is an evil quiz
    um, Holly?
    Tazz and Cole
    Rey Mysterio
    Goldberg in pants
    Eddie Guerrero
    Shelton Benjamin
    Scotty II Hotty
    Paul Heyman and maybe Brock too
    Big Show
    Amish Roadkill

  • I don’t know any of these bitches (as you well know), but I spent Valentine’s Day lis­ten­ing to Kiki sing this very song. Also, with the yup­pies and the no man­ners — and way too many unat­trac­tive straight cou­ples (at Kiki?!) mak­ing out. I hope you at least were spared that sight. Anyway, yes, our magic con­nec­tion somehow.

  • A) Hardcore Holly
    B) Kurt Angle
    C) Brock Lesnar
    D) Tazz & Cole
    E) Rey Misterio Jr.
    F) Goldberg
    haha F Goldberg
    H) Shelton
    I) Scotty 2 Hotty?
    J) Paul & Brock
    L) Stevie Richards

  • Oh snap. I looked at the first three and decided I didn’t know any­one and called them bitches. After look­ing fur­ther, I must amend. I do know L. And a bitch he is not. Also, is Scotty II Hotty really a name? Because they call LL’s Hot Scott that and I just fig­ured it was a really gay attempt at awesomeness.

  • Wait no, you weren’t there for the Scotty tag match. Uhhh. Oh wait that’s John Cena.

  • Hey, I should know all these because I sat next to the pho­tog­ra­pher while she was tak­ing them…
    A. Hardcore Holly
    B. Kurt Angle
    C. Brock Lesnar
    D. Our com­men­tary teams (except… Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich are obscured)
    E. Rey Mysterio
    F. Goldberg
    G. Eddie Guerrero
    H. Shelton Benjamin
    I. John Cena
    J. Chavo Guerrero & Sr.
    K. The Big Show
    L. Jorge Paez, the Clown Prince of Boxing (at least his mus­tache was shaved!)

  • Kim

    Oh! Jane! You, me and Kiki, we are ‘NSYNC so to speak. There was no mak­ing out that I saw (I was SEEING RED), how­ever there were mul­ti­ple instances of lift­ing up a female in order to carry her over pud­dles so her shoes would not get wet. What. WHAT. I hope some­one spilled beer on them later. Oh, and Scotty II Hotty is an actual char­ac­ter and name IV real! Maybe they got it from Hot Scott.