Words are so easy to say

So we were watch­ing CMC (the California Music Channel) today and this dude Beebo was sit­ting in for Chuy Gomez. At least I think his name was Beebo? Anyway, I had never seen him before and he was highly enter­tain­ing. He was doing the Miss Congeniality “You think I’m gooooor­geous” song except it was all like “My name is Beeeeebo” and then at the end he started singing Beyoncé’s “Work It Out,” and he was all “Don’t touch that remote, I see you creepin’” and his Classic Clip was the Cover Girls’ “Show Me,” oh man. They’re wear­ing BODY GLOVE! I remem­bered the dance and every­thing.
I was check­ing the CMC site and it said they were look­ing for new VJs, ooh! I would be good for you, CMC. But I don’t think I’m capa­ble of mus­ter­ing up enthu­si­asm about, like, Fefe Dobson or any­thing. I already quit that job.

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