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Can’t buy a thrill

It’s another slow work day today, which gives me ample oppor­tu­nity to finally get all my Dylan other than Blonde on Blonde and Blood on the Tracks into iTunes. So far I’m up to … Highway 61 Revisited. I just got started, obvi­ously.
This task reminded me that I never told you every­thing I got for Christmas, did I? Oh no, I need to rem­edy that right now. And since my birthday’s right before Xmas, I’ll just put it all here. Oh man, look what a lucky girl I am.

  • Bob Dylan SACD box set (16 CDs)
  • Saint Etienne Xmas 2003 promo EP
  • Gigantic glow­ing fake neon Hello Kitty head
  • Fiber optic Hello Kitty Xmas tree
  • Assorted Hello Kitty/​Hamtaro/​Pokemon items
  • Sooo many DVDs … Manhunter lim­ited edi­tion 2 disc set, Manhunter Divimax restored edi­tion, To Live and Die in L.A., Doves/​Where We’re Calling From, Get Christie Love!, The Big Doll House, Duran Duran Greatest, Eye of the Beholder, David Hasselhoff IS Jeckyll & Hyde, the Musical, I’m sure I’m for­get­ting some­thing
  • Six? Seven? Röyksopp CD sin­gles
  • Activision Anthology for GBA
  • Intellivision 25 direct-​to-​TV sys­tem
  • Polaroid Land Camera and Flashgun from I think 1966 maybe
  • Cash
  • Sephora gift card
  • Limoges box with a lit­tle pur­ple kitty on top, aww
  • Fassbinder’s BRD Trilogy 4 DVD Criterion Collection
  • The Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition, OOH YEAH
  • Redstone Diary 2004 desk cal­en­dar
  • Two typog­ra­phy books
  • Book of Edward Gorey inter­views
  • Chanel gift bag with girly makeup things
  • Pier 1 stuff
  • Williams-​Sonoma kitchen tow­els
  • Emile Henry casse­role dish
  • Williams-Sonoma’s The Bar Guide
  • Cat Stevens box set
  • Palm wire­less key­board and sync cra­dle
  • Cities 97 (MN radio sta­tion) sam­pler CD
  • Handmade com­pi­la­tion of old British Christmas sin­gles
  • Harry & David Tower of Treats
  • A pie server
  • A … title card? (there’s no text but it’s about that size) from Modesty Blaiseand a frame to put it in, plus some other pic­tures
  • Girly bath things
  • A Barbie latch-​hook kit
  • Dog-​shaped purse
  • Holographic fab­ric makeup bag
I’m sure I’m for­get­ting things but I guess the list is already too obscene.

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