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Clever girl, think you know but you don’t know much

I have a lot of catch­ing up to do since I got really sick sick sick over the week­end (thanks, WORK) and lost my fliz­zow with the post­ing and all. Or maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to not catch up? Ooh I like the sound of that.
So I’m apply­ing for a part-​time job that I think I have a rea­son­able chance of a) get­ting and b) not hat­ing, so I’m tak­ing the oppor­tu­nity to write a gigan­tic source resume list­ing pretty much every job I’ve ever had ever, no mat­ter how unim­por­tant it seems in my big employ­ment pic­ture, since I can basi­cally tai­lor my resumes to fit any arts/​writing/​publishing jobs that come up due to my Vastly Diverse Experience or some such busi­ness. I sup­pose. I feel like I’ve only had three real jobs since col­lege, but jeez:

  • senior edi­tor (enter­tain­ment news depart­ment)
  • edi­tor (book pack­ager)
  • assis­tant edi­tor (book pub­lisher)
  • mar­ket­ing assis­tant (book pub­lisher)
  • free­lance edi­tor (enter­tain­ment news Web site)
  • free­lance writer (enter­tain­ment net­work Web site)
  • book­seller (book­store)
  • appren­tice docent (gallery)
  • per­sonal assis­tant (author)
  • assis­tant edi­tor (col­lege news­pa­per)
  • ser­ial recorder (research library)
And that’s still leav­ing stuff out — two years free­lance writ­ing enter­tain­ment columns for a teen magazine’s Web site (there’s no trace of my stuff left online and it was under a pseu­do­nym any­way plus it was a crappy expe­ri­ence so why bother) and my brief and not at all glo­ri­ous stint writ­ing music video pro­pos­als, which would have made me a … music video pro­posal writer? I guess. And then there’s the movie review book that isn’t even worth dis­cussing.
This is depress­ing. Why should I have to look for work? People should be com­ing to me beg­ging for it or, bet­ter still, just giv­ing me money for my awe­some­ness. I mean, honestly.

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