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We could stay inside and play games, I don’t know

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER! NBC11 STORM WATCH! We’ve got some big storms hap­pen­ing out here and they rule. Except prob­a­bly not for those peo­ple in three feet of stand­ing water and mud in Daly City. Sorry dudes. How does that hap­pen, any­way, get­ting a house full of mud dur­ing a rain­storm? It’s not like it’s a mud­storm. Oh the mys­ter­ies of West Coast life. The flood­ing, the crazi­ness, it still amazes me. How can one day of heavy rain cause such drama? Aren’t there gut­ters out here? Don’t they work? Who engi­neered this state? Why can’t we all live in peace?
Lately when­ever I watch “Starting Over” I get the urge to read more books. Like, “Hey, maybe I should finally read John Dewey’s Art as Experience like I was sup­posed to in col­lege,” or, “Remember Naomi Wolf? Wow, those were the days,” or what­ever. I also have a ten­dency to have six half-​read books lying around at any given time because, you know, the adult ADD and all, can’t fin­ish any­thing. But when you’re sit­ting there watch­ing a crazy Mormon girl get a hematoma drained on TV, you can’t help but think to your­self, “I really ought to read more books.” So when I got sick over the week­end, it was like per­fect tim­ing. Before the migraine showed up at the excit­ing con­clu­sion. But you know, I still got it in there. I finally fin­ished The Group which I totally stalled out on after Christmas. That part that’s all about the Prothero fam­ily but­ler, man, that is hard to get through. But I fin­ished it … yes­ter­day? Monday? Anyway, I com­pleted a task, hooray for me. Not to be out­done, I finally fin­ished Fredric Dannen’s Hit Men which I totally stalled out on before Christmas because it’s a hard­cover and The Group, much more portable for the planes and the what­not. People in the music busi­ness are wack, I’m not sure if you knew that, but that’s what you learn in that book. I just fin­ished that like ten min­utes ago! Thrilling.
I also applied for that job today, and I signed up for this employ­ment recruit­ment ser­vice thing that’s offered by my alumni asso­ci­a­tion. Three years in pur­ga­tory, expen­sive pur­ga­tory, has gotta be good for some­thing. Look at me, I’m doing stuff, it’s like some crazy new world. And read­ing, it’s the hip new thing. Next on the list is Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs at the urg­ing of Christopher. Since I got him to read Ghost World five years ago, I guess I owe him at least that much. Of course that had pic­tures in it. Pictures of girls. But this has a slick foil cover on it and a guy made out of Legos so I’ll call it even.

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