In search of three min­utes of eternity

Have you vis­ited wreck​lesseric​.com? He’s been quick with the updates the last cou­ple weeks, it’s excit­ing. And he’s play­ing a bunch of dates in a few weeks with the Rutles. The Rutles! Two of my idols on the same bill, Eric and Neil Innes, I think I would just fall apart and die of glee. Of course the shows are all over­seas so I won’t ever see them. I also thought the same thing about Colin Blunstone/​Rod Argent shows, and then look what hap­pened. But onward with that wish­ful think­ing. To just imag­ine, then know the shows are actu­ally hap­pen­ing, it’s a gor­geous and thrilling thought.
Read Eric’s site! Read it even if you’ve never heard him or heard of him. And then once you’ve heard of him, go out and hear him. He’s a genius. His book was the one and only book I can think of in … maybe years that didn’t get affected by my (mostly imag­ined) adult ADD. I read it in a day and it’s inde­scrib­ably great. Maybe some other time I’ll try to describe it, or at least describe my his­tory rel­a­tive to being a Wreckless Eric fan. It’s a rather con­vo­luted nar­ra­tive with, for the fore­see­able future, a very happy end­ing.
He signed my copy too, bless him.
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