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A per­fect way to make the girls go crazy

I haven’t had click-​to-​enlarge pic­ture fun up in here for a while, I need to bring that back right now.
So I could have watched the Grizzlies/​Warriors game yes­ter­day after­noon on FSN or some­thing (mean­while the Kings games are only on NBA League Pass, what, P.S. I hate col­lege bas­ket­ball) but instead I was sleep­ing as I had been up all night watch­ing 24 Hour Party People and Rebecca Romijn-​Stamos IS Femme Fatale. Apparently J-​Will had him­self some kind of crazy awe­some game or some­thing, so I prob­a­bly should have watched it, but I didn’t! This is all a pre­am­ble for this pic­ture from the game.
Yes, “towel3” means I do in fact have two other pic­tures of him with a towel over his head. Shh. And then there’s this one, a clas­sic.
Aww man. Remind me to grab my O.G. J-​Will/​C-​Webb auto­graphed pic­ture out of the liv­ing room to scan here. It’s not as awe­some as a hug from Vlade, but it’s close.

5 comments to A per­fect way to make the girls go crazy

  • Kim

    Perfect Way” by Scritti Politti

  • League Pass? Boo! Don’t you peo­ple have local sports chan­nels? Are we spoiled with MSG and Metro and YES and all that? I thought those pass chan­nels were for peo­ple who were fans of teams from other cities (you know, like if you were still here lik­ing the Kings). That’s a spe­cial cir­cum­stance. That I can under­stand need­ing to pay for.

  • Kim

    The local sta­tion show­ing the Kings games is out far away yon­der ’round Sacramento way and we don’t get it here. :’( The Warriors (star­ring MICHAEL BECK) are our local team. California has four NBA teams? That’s crazy.

  • OH! I see. Of course, I have no idea where Sacramento is. It is such a vast state, CA. I wish NY was vaster, maybe then they wouldn’t show Islander and Devils games con­stantly, like I care about those bastards.

  • Kim

    For real. Man that showing-​other-​states’ games is unnec­es­sary. Of course LI is another state. When I moved here I thought Sacramento was like the next town over when it’s a two-​hour drive or some­thing. Still, we should totally get those games for free every day I think. And the local ads. HI I’M MIKE BIBBY FOR THE ROSEVILLE AUTOMALL