I’m stand­ing on my head and sit­ting on a goldmine

Oh! So I got a bee in my bon­net (and a tiger in my tank) for find­ing Intaferon and Simon F songs online, because all the ones I have are on cas­sette. Although I do have “Baby Pain” on 12″, which is actu­ally cred­ited to Intaferon though it wound up on the Simon F album, blah blah, I guess it’s all the same any­way.
Oh man, the Simon F album, by which I mean Gun, because appar­ently he put out another one that I don’t know any­thing about? I LOVE IT. I only found a cou­ple of reviews of it online and oof, peo­ple hate it and hate him. Why? It’s a great album! I LOVE IT. I wish I had an actual copy of it instead of the one I taped off my brother. A) Gun and B) Strawberry Switchblade, it’s like the great­est tape ever. I couldn’t remem­ber what the cover of Gun looked like until I saw that one sin­gle soli­tary gen­er­ous soul had a really crappy image up online.
Thank you, who­ever you were, I went ahead and took the image with­out think­ing to thank you proper. It was like buddy icon size any­way and at least I’m not steal­ing your band­width. So! This got me think­ing how I want to scan the tape, because it’s just a very potent image in my mind, but all my cas­settes are in stor­age. So I tried search­ing for a pic­ture of the kind of tape it’s on, and I ended up find­ing one that far sur­passes even my wildest dreams.
That even sums up how I feel about the Simon F/​Strawberry Switchblade pair­ing, come to think of it. Although to be spe­cific it’s on an XL-​II, which is more gold look­ing, instead of an XL-​II-​S, which is more bronzey. I saved those for like Robyn Hitchcock and stuff, you know, the things I really wanted to pre­serve for archival pos­ter­ity. Little did I know the Simon F album would van­ish off the face of the earth. (I did find a sweet Japanese reis­sue of Strawberry Switchblade, how­ever. The Japanese, they’re so wise.)
While I was search­ing for the Maxell image, I found a whole bunch of other awe­some cassette-​related stuff that I’ll have to get to later, as they’re try­ing to make me work right now. Bleah.

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