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You bet­ter watch out for the skin deep

Looking back at all the musics I got into as a young youth­ful child, you’d think that I would have been a Stranglers fan, but the truth is that the Stranglers always seemed to me to be big, creepy per­verts. Speaking of which, how about that R. Kelly Florida deal. That’s just great. I had a the­ory about Martha Stewart and R. Kelly’s respec­tive legal out­comes and it’s look­ing like my worst fears are all being con­firmed. The world, it baf­fles me. At least there was some good news today:
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) — “Without a Trace” star Enrique Murciano is ready to make his mark on the big screen, sign­ing on to star as Sandra Bullock’s love inter­est in Miss Congeniality 2.
Excellence. If there was only one thing that Miss Congeniality was miss­ing, it was a capac­ity of awe­some smirking.

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