I’m just a bird in the sky

Passions” finally has a Paloma Lopez-​Fitzgerald. My God, I thought it would never hap­pen. I hope the first thing she does is stab her sis­ter to death in the face and neck area via many stab­bing motions about the face and neck area with a large, sharp object.
While the Elleffs were get­ting ready to move out of the house today, I enjoyed Pilar’s line about how they would never have enough time to pack up all their mem­o­ries, m’hija. When did every­one on this show turn com­pletely retarded? They’ve had that house, what, about all of two months in “Passions” time because their last house and every­thing they owned was lost in a fiery inferno? And dur­ing that time in the new house, did any­thing good hap­pen to any of them, ever? Oh man. I’ve got to finally give up on this show, it’s too much for me to take.

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