You should see his walk, it just screams ‘Get in there with the pop stars!’

Hey! I’m back. I was out of town, and now I’m back (and to prove it I’m here). I’m too pumped up on SUGARY COLAS to sleep just yet and I just noticed that this existed and I am itch­ing to see it. Itching! Although the film­maker sounds like some­thing of an extreme douche. So let me get this straight, he needed some dork (some dork from dorkass Dramarama no less) to explain to him who Rodney Bingenheimer is? In 1997?
Dude what.
1997, that’s a joke right. In case you weren’t aware (and I’m cer­tain you ARE), the G.T.O.‘s are required lis­ten­ing for every human being, just as I’m With the Band is required read­ing for every human being. 1997 and this butt has no clue. This is American his­tory we’re talk­ing about here. THIS oooh THIS BURNS ME UP.
Someone out there needs to pre­vent idiots from mak­ing doc­u­men­taries, some sort of Nightmarish Ghoul who STEALS SOOOOULS as well as finan­cial back­ing, although appar­ently hav­ing no grasp on a par­tic­u­lar sub­ject leads to a per­son really need­ing to study up on it in a big way, so why not film the course of edu­ca­tion? Yeah I guess. Good Lord. I hate every­body. But I still want to see the movie. Although on third/​fourth/​etc. thought, that poster/​soundtrack cover design is eerily rem­i­nis­cent of SOMETHING.
Yes, please hang on Mike
while we lift your album cover design

And while we’re on the sub­ject, BOTH of these are, obvi­ously, “trib­utes” to my user pic on Friendster. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.
America’s #1 source of inspi­ra­tion
Oof, doesn’t it just make you livid. People are so devoid of cre­ativ­ity that all they can do is take take take take every­thing. Maybe I shouldn’t see this movie after all. I bet it’s EXPLOITATIVE. Nothing’s right I’m torn.

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