I left the Jag and took the Rolls

Is it weird of me to be all excited for Usher and his superla­tive first-​week sales? I guess it’s weird of me. I mean I fig­ured he would do OK this time around, but dame.
So I guess I’m now an offi­cial elderly per­son, because we went out to the Best Buy so’s Christopher could get his DM box sets all shiny and new on release day, and the hot new fresh jams I ended up with were a) Bob’s Bootleg Series Vol. 6: Live 1964 and b) the Who’s Then and Now. I had been resist­ing the thought of get­ting the lat­ter since it’s just great­est hits any­way, but it does have the two new songs on it and every­thing. And Vol. 6? I was right, Bob does look adorable in that book­let.
As if there were any doubt. I mean stop it???
If they could have gone back in time and got­ten him look­ing like that in those Victoria’s Secret ads, for­get it.
I also got this mag­i­cal work of art. Yeah you know, you know you want it too, yeah you know.
WOOO. Although the fin­ished cover sub­sti­tutes Karen Black for the creepy mous­ta­chioed Jack Lemmon (a wise deci­sion) and spells “Concorde” cor­rectly (a slight improve­ment). Slipcased, embossed foil-​like fin­ish, a very taste­ful pre­sen­ta­tion. Now I’ve got eight hours of Airport movies and over 15 hours of Berlin Alexanderplatz sit­ting here wait­ing for me to watch them, and it’s not even my birth­day! How did I get this lucky? Thank good­ness I don’t have to work again until next week.

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