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Kick off your high-​heel sneak­ers, it’s party time

So I saw footage (I was going to write “b-​roll,” what a retard) of the inci­dent on Monday that got J-​Will sus­pended and man, he really did go bug-​fug bananas. I won­der if he’s been ::makes tokey-​tokey hand motion:: again since he’s been doing all that crazy awe­some flop­pity stuff on the court lately, and now, with this thing, it’s like he totally lost it. From the UPI report:
Williams turned around after the call and started shout­ing at ref­eree James Capers, who quickly called a tech­ni­cal and pointed to the tun­nel to sig­nal Williams was ejected. Williams … wasn’t fin­ished argu­ing. He chased after Capers and ran through sev­eral team­mates’ attempts to restrain him before finally being cor­ralled in front of the scor­ers’ table.
That’s a rather mild ver­sion of it actu­ally. He was NUTS. Apparently he made con­tact with the ref in the ker­fuf­fle too, I dunno, I couldn’t tell from what I saw, but I haven’t yet watched the footage over and over again in rapt fas­ci­na­tion. And I can’t find a sin­gle image from it on the Web any­where. Not any­where! If I did, it would prob­a­bly look some­thing like this one from ear­lier this sea­son, only with a lot more peo­ple hold­ing him back.
It was rather PG-​13 and they don’t want to neg­a­tively influ­ence the chil­dren. But it was … it was pretty hot actu­ally, for a sec­ond there I thought I was watch­ing hockey fight tapes at Jane’s.
Oh yes, and vio­lence is wrong, let’s increase the peace peo­ple. Love, Kim

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