so ...

When you gonna buy me a canned ham

So Easter din­ner last night was pretty good. I got started about 11:30 a.m. (Christopher had to work) and I made

  • baked ham
  • bis­cuits
  • scal­loped pota­toes
  • corn cus­tard
  • glazed car­rots
  • one of those Jell-​o things where you mix it with Cool Whip
  • a lemon cake soaked in lemon­ade with lemon royal icing
and still man­aged to lis­ten to my brother’s radio show, watch the Kings game AND watch the East Coast feed of “The Sopranos” and still have every­thing ready at a rea­son­able hour. Go me. It looked some­thing like this.
If you enlarge it, you will see some excit­ing detail of our hot mid­cen­tury dinette set (that’s solid chrome baby), as well as our lovely din­ner­ware. The plates and the match­ing plat­ter are all sur­vivors of my great-grandfather’s restau­rant.
A brief word on the ben­e­fits of Le Creuset: I baked the ham in a Le Creuset baker and it took less than a minute to clean it. I’d say it’s worth its weight in gold but that cast iron is heavy and the stuff is expen­sive enough already.

5 comments to When you gonna buy me a canned ham

  • Kim

    Canned Ham” by Norman Greenbaum

  • pieman

    Outstanding Easter fare!
    My mom had a bowl almost exactly like the green one hold­ing the jello cool whippy thing. Maybe it was a law to own one or maybe they came from S&H Green Stamps?
    I see Chris wore the good Pokemon shirt for the spe­cial occai­son.
    What? No fon­due on Easter?

  • Kim

    I love the vin­tage Pyrex. The pat­tern of which you speak is Spring Blossom Green. We found an entire #300 nest­ing bowl set at Savers when I first moved in here for like noth­ing, and then we found the largest bowl from set #400 at the same store about a year later, also for like noth­ing. We use them a lot. A LOT. I think everyone’s lived in a house with a Spring Blossom bowl at one point in their lives.
    The Pyrex print I really like is Butterprint. I know this pat­tern fig­ures into my child­hood some­how.
    Now that you men­tion it, we need to make some fon­due. Something to dip all this ham in.

  • Hey, we have that green bowl too! Just that one size, though. Also, we hap­pened by Le Crueset in the out­let mall, and the man was try­ing to sell us every­thing. I was like, “Don’t you know I’m broko?” But I guess he saw our weird gay fam­ily and thought, “Cha-​ching.” Fool. We got out of there with a pie plate and a loaf pan in black. They have stuff in my lovely blue, but that color is like never on sale. Bastards. Your Easter din­ner looks fab­u­lous. I have never ever eaten any food you make. How did that happen?

  • Kim

    Oh no Jane! I don’t turn on my com­puter for two days. My kitchen on RSD, she was too small. I think I only cooked ten meals the whole time I was there. The whole place was too small for such busi­ness. It’s big­ger here, you should come, I’ll cook for you!!!
    The Le C that we didn’t get from being mar­ried, I only got because Martha was sell­ing it for cheap. It’s the drab­ware color which is actu­ally kinda hot. But the blue, that’s my fave rave right there. Oh man, I need to win a lottery.