so ...

If col­ors blink by night or day

… precipitation’s on the way. I really want one of these, really super bad. We saw one at the Discovery Channel Store or what­ever those places are called, you know, basi­cally the Museum Store except for nerdy sci­ence nerds who are into sci­ence and skele­tons and bugs and crap. We can’t get one because we’re sit­ting on our mon­eys for the time being. More on that later. But I really really really want to pro­gram my very own Northwestern weath­erballlike a crazy per­son. Perhaps THIS will inspire me to employ­ment! Hahahahaha. Ha.
You know what else is great is that my hus­band sur­prised me with the Simon F albums I was feenin’ for here. Did you know Robert Mapplethorpe took the pic­tures for the Gun cover? How on Earth did F swing that? I guess he was just a very attrac­tive and ambi­tious young man in those days, right. Anyway, I’m so so so excited. It’s almost like hav­ing a weath­erball. Maybe better.

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