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I’m slack from my head to my toe

So I’m sick. I feel like I’m com­ing out of a two-​day hang­over, but really I’m sure it’s because I was sit­ting out on the back stoop Tuesday night in like 40º weather in a T-​shirt, yoga pants and bare feet. This is what hap­pens when you drink the equiv­a­lent of nine shots of tequila with only one meal a day, I guess. And all that deli­cious Cointreau. I’m begin­ning to think that Cointreau does a next-​day num­ber on me. But it’s so deli­cious! I can’t stop drink­ing it!!! So that means that just think­ing about “American Idol” made my head hurt even worse. I’ll catch up on it even­tu­ally though.
I meant to write about last week­end, but then every­thing went hay­wire and I didn’t feel like writ­ing about any­thing. We saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 on Friday, which is like the first time I’ve seen a movie the first day it’s in the­aters since … I can’t remem­ber the last time I’ve done that, hon­estly. It was great! Maybe I’ll write about it some other time! And then on Saturday we went to Modesto for this foot­ball bet din­ner that Christopher has with his friends, and there was lots of food and drink and whoa, did I have a lot to drink. I also for­got to men­tion that I was get­ting new lenses put in my old frames, but the place F-​ed them up and warped some coat­ing on them so they needed to take them back and reorder them and then send them out to another store with a dif­fer­ent machine that wouldn’t F them up. So since then I’ve been wear­ing a pre­scrip­tion that’s like five years old. It’s GREAT.
Then on Sunday, after Christopher came back from work, it was RAINING and we went to a nurs­ery because they were hav­ing a sale on herbs. When I moved here, I got this great herb-​growing kit from Martha and it was so much fun and joy to see all the lit­tle herbs sprout­ing and what­not. But then they would grow all out of con­trol, and then I would invari­ably kill them, and now I’m too impa­tient to wait for like three lit­tle plants to sprout when we could just go to the nurs­ery and get a big fat pot of ‘em for $2 a piece. Which is what we did! We got tar­ragon, sage, rose­mary, oregano, sweet basil, giant basil, thyme, dill, cilantro and gar­lic chives. They had no reg­u­lar chives, oth­er­wise we would’ve got­ten those too. And pars­ley. So I’m grow­ing pars­ley in my Martha kit. The thyme and rose­mary are unbe­liev­able. Like, I devel­oped this hate for rose­mary when I worked at Scholastic because the cater­ers who ran the cafe­te­ria always over­loaded every­thing they made with rose­mary and it was dis­gust­ing. But I just smell this plant and whoa, it is hot. So yes, that was an excit­ing devel­op­ment. Also the Kings win­ning, that was good.
So then we get back and are watch­ing some other play­off game in the liv­ing room and the TV dies. Just dies. It’s this gigan­tic Sony Trinitron that Christopher’s had since for­ever. I don’t know how big, like 40″ or some­thing, but it’s huge. It’s huge, and now it is dead. He tries to revive it and at some points some sparks come out of a socket, but oth­er­wise it is a lost cause. The funny part is that he had taken my old baby 22″ Hitachi to his office and we were try­ing to fig­ure out where in the house to put it, now that he has to move it out of his office. Well! That solved a prob­lem right there!
So now we’ve swapped out the giant bro­ken TV for the one he had in the office. Funny how that TV seemed to be ENORMOUS in my old apart­ment. Here is a pho­to­graphic depic­tion of the dif­fer­ence.
I’ll point out that the “before” pic­ture was also taken on Christmas Day, which explains all the fes­tive light­ing and presents and chill­ing emo­tional dis­par­ity. There’s only room for like one Pokémon on this TV, it’s crazy.
So now the small­est TV in the house is in the biggest TV room. Eventually we’re going to have to rotate all three TVs, because now the biggest one is in the bed­room and the second-​biggest one is in Christopher’s office (a.k.a. “the stor­age room”). Or maybe we’ll just move every­thing out of here into a new place? Who knows.

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  • Kim

    Marionette” by 12 Rods

  • 1. C’mon, that’s ONLY a 27″ Trinitron. I bought it for like $200 at the Stanislaus County auc­tions back in 1996!
    2. I think the last movie we saw on day of open­ing was…uh…a Matrix one?

  • Kim

    I don’t think we saw a Matrix movie on its first day … I would have been ter­ri­fied to do that, unless we went at like 11 in the morn­ing. Which we very well could have done. But hon­estly, I think the last time I went to see a movie on its first day was to see Shadows and Fog which would mean … 1992? I also remem­ber see­ing that at the the­ater in the Paramount/​Gulf + Western build­ing on Columbus Circle which no longer exists. Oh no, I feel old right now, I’m gonna have an attack.