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I can think of a lotta worse places to be

I just applied for another job, and it’s in Minneapolis. It’s one of those uh-​duh type sit­u­a­tions where I’m of course the absolute per­fect can­di­date and no one else should pos­si­bly be con­sid­ered other than yours truly. It’s to be the edi­tor for a news Web site. You know, the exact same job I used to do? Only for a news­pa­per and not a cable news depart­ment. I’ll be inter­ested to see how I man­age to not get this one, as that seems to be the pat­tern these days. But I’d really like it if they proved me wrong!
Our apart­ment is a com­plete dis­as­ter because man­age­ment came to get in the crawl space on Thursday, right, so we had to dis­man­tle our closet and take the door off and take every­thing out of the wardrobe and move the wardrobe out and blah blah hope­fully with­out break­ing any bones or dying. Didn’t all this just hap­pen the other day? Yes. Anyway, they got all fin­ished and we were just about to start putting every­thing back when we noticed that they’d put another note on our door inform­ing us that they need to get in there again … Monday. Today! So we just left every­thing where it was, all day Friday and all week­end. All our clothes are on hang­ers, they’re just stacked on our couches in the liv­ing room because we can’t hang them back up yet. Piles of lug­gage and purses and T-​shirts every­where. I can’t believe how stu­pid this is. I won­der if they’ll give us another note when it’s all over today to say they need to pop back in there on Thursday again for like two min­utes. If I have to move my shoes one more time I will slit my wrists. I swear they’re doing this just to tor­ture me.
Today is also Christopher’s last day at XO, and that’s all I’m going to say about that!
I’ll get around to catch­ing up on “Idol” and Kraftwerk and the Kings and all that later. I just couldn’t do any of that with­out grous­ing some first.

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