I drunken no holy wine save muscatel

I made a CD for my mom for Mothers’ Day. I’ve never made a mix for her before! I think I did good and stuff.
“Silver Dagger” and “Like a Motorway,” oh aren’t I just clever. Mom’s on a giant Lotus Eaters kick right now, which is crazy, because I prac­ti­cally wore out my “Set Me Apart” 12″ some 20 years ago and I don’t remem­ber her com­ment­ing on it then, but she goes crazy for it now. Also she loves loves loves LOVES the Hives but doesn’t have the album, I don’t think. She went cuckoo when she saw them on the VMAs. “Oh, aren’t they just the cutest things? They’re just … well, they’re just the cutest things.” Of course I pre­fer Jet, so who knows, maybe I’ll steer her in the right direc­tion. And Rufus! That infat­u­a­tion goes back to the Lennon trib­ute con­cert. “Well, isn’t he just a lit­tle some­thing?!” ELO, for­get about it, she’s bananas for ELO. I hope she doesn’t mind that my copy of “Blackberry Way” sounds like crap. And I hope she doesn’t get scared off by that crazy bitch C.P. at the begin­ning, but I’m will­ing to bet she’s gonna like that one.
Anyway, if she says any­thing about it, I’ll tell ya later.

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