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I think you’re a phony

Oh! The offi­ci­at­ing tonight was sick. SICK. In the worst pos­si­ble way. I hate it. It was hor­ri­ble and sick and hor­ri­ble. I should have been at a Sloan show tonight instead. That’s right. The T-​Wolves are DEAD when they get to Sacramento. DEAD. They are going to have LIMBS sev­ered from their TORSOS. Because tonight made no sense. We should have had tonight, for real. And that Gollum bitch should have been T-​ed out of that game in the sec­ond quar­ter, I’m not even kid­ding. Man I love this game but tonight I hate this game.
My dream boy VLADE rrowr VLADE
OK, how was this NOT a fla­grant? Please try and help me under­stand. The man was TACKLED with BRUTE FORCE for cry­ing out loud. He is 7′ for good­ness sakes, that could cause per­ma­nent dam­age. OMG I hated this game so much.
Woo BRRRAD rrowr.
Hey Gollum! GOLLUM suck it GOLLUM pre­pare to have your LIMBS sev­ered from your TORSO

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  • Kim

    I’m Not Living Here” by Sagittarius

  • I couldn’t see the game, but 10 points ahead with 4 mins left. That is a must-​win! I can’t believe Wolves got it instead. I don’t like blam­ing stuff on offi­ci­at­ing, so I hope the Kings learn that you need to be patient on offense when there’s not much time left and you have a nice lead.
    But hey, they still got home-​court. Win both next games at home and life is good.