The fool will never beat the mas­ter now

Who knew TV Tome had such good infor­ma­tion and/​or bad news? This is about “Passions,” of course.
As of 31 May 2004, Jack Krizmanich will be going from con­tract to recur­ring sta­tus. This is hardly sur­pris­ing, since his on-​screen father and ‘mother’ were bumped to recur­ring last December, and the char­ac­ter of John Hastings is sel­dom seen. He is the third actor to be removed from con­tract before it was up in the last six months (Dana Sparks and Justin Carroll were both dropped from con­tract to recur­ring sta­tus in early December, and when Ryan McPartlin’s con­tract was up in April the show chose not to renew it).
Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) and Molly Stanton (Charity) will both be depart­ing PSSN in late spring, early sum­mer. Metcalfe chose not to renew his con­tract (which was up in late June, early July), and Stanton opted to leave.

OK, John is com­pletely use­less, so who cares? I do, because he’s still going to be show­ing up and suck­ing while Hank, Miguel and Charity will be gone. GONE!!! Ugh, this show. This may be the last straw.
WARNING: If you click on that link up there, you will get big fat spoil­ers on what hap­pens to Miguel and Charity (which makes no sense) and who the “Mystery Man” and “Mystery Woman” really are (which almost makes almost as lit­tle sense, almost). At this point, who knows if any of us will be watch­ing any­way? So it’s not like it mat­ters or any­thing. (I’ll be watch­ing. Of course. I’m a sucker.)
Also, TV Tome tells me that Hank is doing a pilot for the WB where he plays Fran Drescher’s boyfriend. It’s pro­duced by Jamie Kennedy. I wish I was mak­ing this up.

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