so ...


Why yes, I did watch Airport 1975 today.
Three things I learned tonight:
1) Brad Miller is flip­ping insane. Does he miss play­ing with two crip­pled arms? He is going to break him­self in half, the rate he’s going. Oh! He rules.
2) These Timberwolves games are so much more fun when every time Kevin Garnett gets called for trav­el­ing or oth­er­wise turns the ball over in a remark­ably idi­otic way you say, “What a tremen­dous MVP play!” or “That’s a bril­liant MVP maneu­ver!” and so on.
3) Vlade is still an awe­some dude.
Vlade have good feel­ing about game
So tonight we were up like, what, eight points with a minute left or what­ever and I was still in hys­ter­ics. I think the key was that I did not fin­ish my magic beer until the game was over and there­fore every­thing came out OK. Yay! Finally I can get out of a game with­out hav­ing to repeat the Brad Miller mantra: “That’s bull­shit, man.”

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