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Go buy candy and a cur­rant bun

I don’t want to talk about the Kings. :’( :’( :’( But I’m opti­mistic! I really am!!!
So Process Type Foundry, the lovely peo­ple who designed the FIG face which you see up on this very page, have updated it! They redesigned the “r” so that it doesn’t tip in any­more! It’s crazy. But what’s lovely is that it’s all OpenType now and they allow a full update to pur­chasers for FREE! That’s Minnesota good sense right there. P.S., Who wants to pay $99.95 for a lim­ited non­com­mer­cial Movable Type 3.0 license? How about $189.95? I mean really.
I had a screen­ing inter­view today for a job in MN. It actu­ally sounds like a decent one. It basi­cally sounds like my old boss’ job except not involv­ing news or TV or MTV. Which at first I was think­ing, “oh no,” but then I thought, “oh yes,” because did I really enjoy all that stuff that involved news or TV or MTV? Christopher reminded me of that con­cept. He’s really good at doing that. Anyway, we’ll see. OPTIMISM!!!
I made a pork roast tonight. I mar­i­nated it in soy, honey, gin­ger and gar­lic with some sesame thrown in there. Pretty good! I impress myself. Some fresh Brussels sprouts were also avail­able. And deli­cious beer.
I’m totally crav­ing candy right now.

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