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Waving the flag of the United States of Calamity

So yes­ter­day we drove out to Lodi for the annual Vines to Wines, where basi­cally you drive around to winer­ies and drink all day. The thing is that you pay out the yin yang for the tick­ets alone so that should hold you, but we were in a fab­u­lously sug­gestible frame of mind and ended up com­ing home with … 11 bot­tles. Last year we bought two and even THAT seemed exces­sive. We didn’t even drink either of them until like a week ago! And even then we only drank one. Woo-​hoo, party at our place.
RODNEYWe get back here at like 7:45 or some­thing (we woke up at like 8 and started drink­ing at 11) and between the drink­ing and the sun­shiney sun we com­pletely zonked out until 12:30 today when we got up barely in time to watch the Kings game (woo~~) and all I’ve had to eat today is a banana and a cup of yogurt, which I chased down with an entire pot of cof­fee and now I feel com­pletely flip­ping insane. I should go do pilates because I’ve got that proper crack­head energy right now.
Tomorrow we’re get­ting a visit from a rep from our build­ing man­age­ment! He’s going to have some FASCINATING news about “the future of this com­plex”! We’re pretty sure we know what it is but I’m not gonna say any­thing about it until we know for sure. The excite­ment is just begin­ning. Eh.

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