(Oh man!) What to do?

Yeah, I totally wanted to see that pot of sauce get dumped on peo­ple too, but now we’ll ALL have to wait, because NBC yanked “The Restaurant”all of a sud­den!!! with like NO warn­ing!!! out of sweeps in favor of the rat­ings bonanza that is a rerun of “Crossing Jordan.” These peo­ple, who­ever they are, say Rocco’s going to totally start over from the begin­ning on … June 9? And then maybe they won’t do this again and we’ll get see the rest of the sea­son? But I want to see sauce get dumped on peo­ple NOW. What?
I also totally missed “Helter Skelter” last night. Dame.

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  • Kim

    (Oh Man!) What to Do?” by Thrush Hermit

  • You know I noticed this today at like 6:30. Dollie wouldn’t believe me. “Let’s check any­way, in case the cable guide is wrong.” It wasn’t. Bleh. In bet­ter news, I totally DVRed “Helter Skelter” and I can tape it for you all nice-​like.

  • Kim

    OMG bring it pretty pretty please :-* and then you can come live in our man­sion and drink Grain Belt all day long.

  • Yay! That is my plan. Oh, I mean my dream. Oops.

  • Ooh, did you notice that it came back? They are just run­ning the shows out to have done it. They played two back to back on Saturday, and then this com­ing Saturday is the last one ever. I think. These I don’t have on DVR, sadly. But they were both bor­ing and wildly unset­tling all at the same time.

  • Kim

    Oh yes! Had it not been for a) some­one post­ing about it on The W while it was on and b) me actu­ally read­ing The W dur­ing prime time, we would have totally missed it. We missed the first 20 min­utes of the sec­ond show, and I guess we had already seen the first one? At least I hope we didn’t miss any sauce being poured on any­one, but we didn’t see it, so unless they’re sav­ing it for the big finale we missed it. Maybe if they rerun them on Bravo like they did last time, we can only hope.

  • OK, so they did pour sauce on some­one (and the episode that was on first I hadn’t seen before at all), but it wasn’t even dra­matic or awe­some. Evidently, that is what they do when peo­ple leave, and so cute French man was leav­ing to go work at a French place and they made a pot of sauce and choco­late syrup and fish stink and stuff to throw on him for good luck. Did you see with the fire? We watched them right in a row, so I can’t at all dis­tin­guish between the first and sec­ond episodes. All I know is that it makes me so ner­vous, that show. Also, that me and Rocco need to have a talk about him being not a total idiot. I feel that he has poten­tial some­how, some­where. Or something.

  • Kim

    You do need to talk to Rocco. Like Sheridan, he needs an inter­ven­tion. “You’re my future ex-​wife, hahaha, show me your rack!” Ai yi yi. Boo on the pot of sauce being fun and games. I should have known that those com­mer­cials are all manip­u­la­tion and false­hoods, like all the stu­pid actors that were hired as wait­staff in sea­son one and now I have to suf­fer see­ing Gideon’s lame ass on “WWE SmackDown!” com­mer­cials. To think I actu­ally felt sorry for him when he “broke” his “arm.”