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The cost of lov­ing has been blown sky high

I sense a pat­tern emerg­ing.
“Bay Area real estate sales again broke records in April, as the median price of single-​family homes sold in the region hit $520,000, the first time that fig­ure has crossed the half-​million dol­lar mark.” — San Jose Mercury News (5/​20/​04)
“The $10 movie ticket has arrived in the South Bay [at AMC the­aters]. … Several large movie houses in New York already charge $10.50, but the top prices in Los Angeles and San Francisco are no higher than most in the South Bay. The Century 20 Great Mall still charges $9.50, and the Capital 16 is $9.25.” — San Jose Mercury News (5/​20/​04)
OK, it costs this much to live here, and yet I can’t go out for ten min­utes on foot and come home with an iced cof­fee, sesame noo­dles, cold beer and Midol? We have a problem.

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  • Kim

    Heavens Above” by the Style Council

  • pieman

    You’ve worked up more pas­sion about this show than I care to muster. I didn’t watch Season One. We did watch Season Two and were quite enter­tained. As for this sea­son, it feels like I have to watch how it ends because I’ve invested this much time into it. I don’t really care who wins as I wouldn’t ever buy any­thing any of them records.
    Now, we did buy Clay Aiken’s CD, but I must admit my wife is the only one who has lis­tened to it.

  • pieman

    Oops. Posted the com­ment under the wrong piece.
    Here’s the com­ment I wanted to put here. Cost of liv­ing. Bought a house in Cape Elizabeth (the ritzy sub­urb of Portland) back in 1988 for $125,000. Sold it in 1996 for $99,000. Nice loss, eh?
    So, we live 100 miles north of Portland now and don’t get the local paper from there any­more. Dumbass friend of mine is read­ing the paper on Sunday and notices that same house I sold 8 years ago is now listed at $239,900. Jesus H Christ, that pisses me off. I lose $26,000 while I owned it, but it’s appre­ci­ated in value by 250% since I sold it?!?!

  • I mean, really. What are they pay­ing all that money for out there, weather? Natural beauty? What’s the point? If every­one spends all their time going from one inside place to a car to another inside place mostly any­way (and if you can’t walk some­where to get those items in 10 min­utes, that has to be the case), it is a waste of the weather. God should give the good weather to the peo­ple who are pay­ing too much money and also are spend­ing lots of time out­side. It’s only fair. Either way, I’ll be happy to live some­where for less money with worse weather. I’m not ready to think about the no deli-​on-​every cor­ner thing yet. Maybe if I get a lit­tle scooter. Ooh! http://​jan​est​.diary​land​.com/​i​m​a​g​e​s​/​m​e​t​r​o​p​o​l​i​t​a​n​_​i​i​_​b​l​u​e​_​h​i​b​i​s​c​u​s​.​jpg.

  • Feely

    Holy shit! Houses around here are like $300K and every­one seems to think THAT is insane. over-$500K MEDIAN? Goddamn. Holy shit. Sorry.