so ...

I feel like a bore

Oh! So we’ve updated to MT 2.66666666661 (and that’s prob­a­bly as far as we’ll be updat­ing for the fore­see­able future) and moved every­thing over to the new box, in case you had any trou­ble try­ing to reach us over the last few hours (unlikely). The down­side is that the free ride is over and this is all smacked onto a pay-​for server, but the upside is that man, it’s so much faster than the old one. Now I no longer have to sit in green envy of Cubs’ super speedy MT com­ment win­dows. And I thought it was just some­thing *I* was doing wrong! So yeah, if you expe­ri­ence any weird­ness or bro­ken images or things miss­ing or what­ever, let me know, but I think we nailed every­thing. Heh heh, nailed.

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