It’s hard to make the things I did undone

OUTRAGE! Lance Bass, nasty nose job. He is now offi­cially eew.
I know, I don’t believe how bad it is either. Of course this is from Awful Plastic Surgery Forums.

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  • Kim

    I Want You Back” by ‘NSYNC

  • Oh man, some­one wrote to YTU to tell me this. I was too tired to look for pic­tures. He looks like the ugli­est ug, like he is totally all inbred. I am very grossed out. Eew.

  • I can’t stop look­ing at this pic­ture. Even now. I got obsessed with its awful­ness. I hope he doesn’t think that looks good. Oh my God. I may have to write him a let­ter. He needs a trans­plant. Or something.

  • Kim

    It really is dif­fi­cult to turn away from it. Did you see the other one posted on the forum? It’s from a dif­fer­ent angle but the result is still the same: hideous. Oh man. I love how they astutely pointed out that if you put a ton of eye­liner on him and give him a weave, he will become Tara Reid. I won­der what this says about his rela­tion­ship with J.C.? Scandalamity!

  • I did see this, and I was so glad for some­one else to do the think­ing for me. Obviously Tara Reid is exactly it. I can’t even begin to sort out his rela­tion­ship with JC. I was hav­ing a hard time of it prior to this.