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Especially for J.O.D.

This charmer of an open­ing graf, plus bonuses. Or should I say BONERSES.
PARIS : Marat Safin described him as hav­ing the best touch on the tour and now David Nalbandian aims to employ his exquis­ite feel for the ball to smother Gustavo Kuerten’s hopes of a fourth French Open title. … “He has very good hands,” said Safin after his four set defeat. “He has such a great shot, really great hands.”Channelnewsasia​.com

3 comments to Especially for J.O.D.

  • Oh oh oh oh oh! Thank you! I love this story. Oh man, and Marat, he had longer hair this time. It was all happy and curly. I love. I feel that with these quotes, he was try­ing to appeal to my well-​known affec­tion for homo­eroti­cism in its var­ied forms. The hair, the quotes, the ulti­mate hot­ness — see, I’m wise enough to know when somebody’s yearn­ing for me.

  • Kim

    Also, did he not pants him­self on the court (to resound­ing applause) or some lunacy? Clearly he’s call­ing out for an exquis­ite feel.

  • He did, but I can’t find a photo of it any­where. I wasn’t watch­ing it live, you see. If it was even on. The best shot I can find any­where is either on the way up or down, and alls you see is a flash of pasty thigh. If I was look­ing for that, I’d look down.