Bring her home and the folks look ill

No won­der “Passions” just keeps get­ting more and more retarded.
I like the impli­ca­tion that this is some­how worse than Theresa assault­ing Gwen and Ethan’s sur­ro­gate and get­ting implanted with the embryos in the first place. I mean hon­estly. I do have to admit I’m sur­prised that the poll isn’t like 87% “No,” because that’s how messed up the results usu­ally are. Ugh, Theresa.
If NBC should be polling peo­ple about any­thing, it should be Antonio’s hair­cut. Dame. That is bad news, even on him.
P.S., Did you have a lit­tle freak­out when Hank showed up on the dock? That was excit­ing. I was afraid he was gone for­ever. Although now I wish he was in the stu­pen­dously awful pirate past-​life flash­back, which I of course love and adore like an insane per­son. Maybe he can be a par­rot on Luis’ shoul­der. Squawk buddy squawk

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  • Kim

    Girl From Germany” by Sparks

  • At least the “Now I’m the sur­ro­gate!” sto­ry­line was pretty cool in its sick­ness. This new one is just retarded. “I will trade my child for my child!” Genius. I hate. Clearly it is all a setup to show that this kid and Lil’ E are full sib­lings. Or some­thing. PS I love Hank. And Pirate Luis. And Kim.

  • Did Gwen even ever fig­ure out that WASN’T a REAL job inter­view? Or did she just blow off the next days’ flight to go have din­ner with Sam and Ivy? JESUS GOD HOW DO I KNOW ALL THIS CRAP

  • Oh man, good call. I don’t know about that. But, unlike you, Mr. Trax, I assume noth­ing in Harmony makes any sense ever. I expect bad­ness. It is sad, really. :(