God in heaven, teach me how to die

I started writ­ing this as a response in the com­ments here and then real­ized it was get­ting so involved I might as well use it as an entry.
Jane is very wise: At least the “Now I’m the sur­ro­gate!” sto­ry­line was pretty cool in its sick­ness. This new one is just retarded. “I will trade my child for my child!” Genius. I hate.
Hmm yes, this is true that the hos­pi­tal assault and sur­ro­gate switcheroo was a nice step away from the gar­den vari­ety retard­ness “Passions” has been giv­ing us lately. I did not think of that because I am so quick to bring the hate. It is that I fear for the san­ity of Our Great Nation that any­one should think Theresa is jus­ti­fied in doing any of this. I must admit if Sami was doing this on “Days” for what­ever rea­son I’d be like, “Ooh, I approve of these actions.” Such is her power. Theresa, not that pow­er­ful.
I won­der if Paloma has the poten­tial to be all that Theresa can­not be. She’s spite­ful yet oh so wounded. I like her so far. The Martin/​Katherine stuff is mak­ing me want to kill myself. How many years have they been exiled in Mexico and now, for the first time, Martin picks up the phone when Pilar calls? Ack ack ack. Nice fake nose in the flash­backs too, buddy, your dis­guise is impen­e­tra­ble.
Oh and plus all of a sud­den Charity’s deal with Death is wiped off the books because Father Lonigan~ was all “That can’t hap­pen. P.S. I’m a priest.” ???!!??!!!??!?! I guess the idea that a priest can encour­age peo­ple to chal­lenge death is sup­posed to be a big inspi­ra­tional pow­er­ful mes­sage or what­ever, but dude, it was DEATH!!!! I wouldn’t want to front on Death, I’d be like, “Whatever you say, man.” Oh my God, this show. Yet I can’t stop watch­ing it.
My poor suf­fer­ing hus­band: Did Gwen even ever fig­ure out that WASN’T a REAL job inter­view? Or did she just blow off the next days’ flight to go have din­ner with Sam and Ivy? JESUS GOD HOW DO I KNOW ALL THIS CRAP
::my head explodes::
I still wish that instead of mak­ing it Doped-​Up Hooker Eve who was dri­ving the dreaded TC acci­dent car, they used my idea of it being TC’s Ghost Dad, who then died not from a bro­ken heart but from guilt and there­fore turns out to be a big crazy liar from beyond the grave. Or bet­ter yet, it should have been Doped-​Up Hooker Eve “ser­vic­ing” TC’s Ghost Dad in the dreaded TC acci­dent car. They should give me my own soap, I obvi­ously have all the right ideas.
It’s on now. Ooh, there’s Hank! I gotta go.

4 comments to God in heaven, teach me how to die

  • Kim

    D.O.A.” by Bloodrock

  • The Charity/​Fr. Lonigan/​Death thing is totally pathetic, and you know it is only backpedal­ing to make her and Miguel be able to leave the show together. I hate.
    Instead, for leav­ing the show it should be that Miguel kills Martin when he returns to Harmony (with good rea­son) and Alistair offers him and Charity pro­tec­tion from pros­e­cu­tion and a relo­ca­tion plan, but since they are Good, then don’t go for it, and choose to face jus­tice.
    And then Miguel gets sen­tenced to the Death Chamber ™ and Charity makes a deal with Death that they will be together for­ever and never to part on the other side. Or some­thing. And she gets a dis­pen­sa­tion from Fr. Lonigan where she can die with Miguel and not be ban­ished to pur­ga­tory for­ever as a will­ful dier should. Because Big Lon’s got it like that. And every­one dies. The end.

  • Kim

    Oh man, that is beau­ti­ful and per­fect!!! I love that about you. The Death Chamber ™ aha­ha­ha­ha­haha. We’re geniuses.

  • PS You are a total genius to include the Ghost Dad in this plot. They are wast­ing my time by not lis­ten­ing to you. AND the Sheridan and Whitney sto­ries, those are crazy, man. Crazy. Poor Sheridan. She needs an intervention.